Evening with the Stars

Evening with the Stars is a yearly Gala event held to benefit usually a Children`s Hospital.  Children are the future.  And, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing children perform to raise funds in order to help other children in medical care. 
The project started more than 20 years ago with this fundraising going towards all kinds of charites such as the Humane Society, MercyCorps (for the children victims of 911, The Katrina Fund (via Red Cross) and the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada. 
Since then, the project has opened its` doors to not only the singers studying with Victoria, but also to singers and performers in the community alike. This is a private event that now welcomes others from the community to get involved.
In 2019 and going onwards, the Evening with the Stars project will expand to not only include your local Children`s Hospital but also the Ronald McDonald House. These are the two charities that are close to heart.
This event will be scheduled in various major cities across the US and Canada.
Further, to accomodate and incorporate more performers, we will now expand the project with a second evening for all talent (magicians, cyclists, etc...)  If you have a talent, if you have a desire to perform, or simply want to participate in this very special project, let us know: 
Send to us via email your resume, headshot and video performance (or link of your video performance) for review.  The project is open to ALL ages.  This is not strictly a children`s event or strictly adult event.  All are welcome to perform.  We will contact you either way. 
There is no cost to perform. We raise funds through ticket sales to the event, merchandise, a silent auction and sponsors.